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Senthil Ramachandran

UI Architect, Montage Talent

Talk Title

Beyond Create React App: Reusable and Extensible Build System For React

Talk Abstract

Modern javascript development is complicated with so many tools and frameworks. Create React App is a great solution that abstracts all these complexities. It trades off extensibility for simplicity. CRA is great except when you have to extend it. Learn how Mozilla’s Neutrino JS provides an elegant solution that offers the simplicity of CRA with easy to use “extensibility”. Modern React development is orchestration of so many tools and frameworks such as Babel, ESLint, jest and webpack. Each of these tools have their own priorities and release cycles. Every team has their own workflow and needs. Trying to stitch these tools to fit a workflow requires decent knowledge on each of these tools. The situation gets messy when you have to maintain multiple build pipelines across multiple projects. First part of the talk, we will dive into tools and frameworks involved in modern react development. Second part will cover the existing solutions, its usefulness and problems when it comes to maintaining and upgrading it. In the final part we will explore, What is Neutrino JS? How is it different than CRA or boilerplate X? How does it provide zero configuration starters? What are some Neutrino JS presets? How can we easily extend a preset?

Speaker Bio

Senthil Ramachandran works as a UI Architect at Modern Hire, he is currently building micro frontends, design system and component library for Modern Hire. He is an avid reader. He regularly learns and builds new things and teaches them. #Learn #Do #Teach.

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