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Jenna Pederson

technical entrepreneur with a passion for community and equity-building

Talk Title

Does Your Codebase Spark Joy?

Talk Abstract

There's magic in tidying your codebase and keeping it tidy — everything from helping you to make better decisions to being more confident and productive. But how do you decide what to tidy and how do you do it? We'll dig into why a tidy codebase that sparks joy is important (and magical), help you figure out what that looks like for your team, and cover approaches to tidying and building better habits.

Speaker Bio

Jenna Pederson is a business owner, community builder, and technical entrepreneur with a passion for community and equity-building. As founder and owner of 612 Software Foundry, Jenna helps entrepreneurs make their product ideas a reality—from starting with an idea and seeing the big picture, to aligning the technical strategy with the business strategy and positioning it for growth. Jenna is a community builder at heart and is passionate about making space for more women in tech and entrepreneurship. She is a proud co-founder of Hack The Gap, led the Twin Cities Geekettes for a number of years, served on The Iron Yard Board of Advisors for Minneapolis, and served on the City of Saint Paul's Innovation Cabinet to develop a strategy for job and business growth around technology and innovation in Saint Paul. She currently serves on the Minnestar Board of Directors and is a founding member of WE*. Jenna also holds a B.S. in Computer Science from the University of Minnesota Duluth and a M.S. in Software Engineering from the University of Minnesota Twin Cities.

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