Chao Zhang headshot

Chao Zhang

FE Tech Lead at Google Cloud AI Team.

Talk Title

FE Engineering + AL/ML Capabilities

Talk Abstract

Usually people talk about AI/ML they think about back end engineering or Algorithm research related. This is not true any more, now FE engineering becomes extremely important for AI/ML product development team, this session will talk about how to make huge impact to AI/ML engineering team from a FE engineer. Also this session will talk about using Angular + tensorflow.js + image/video/text/document annotation technologies, and run a live demo for object tracking annotation on a awesome video (movie trailer - TNENT).

Speaker Bio

This is Chao Zhang, FE tech lead at Google Cloud AI Team in Silicon valley. Have over 10 years experience working on FE engineering technologies for several companies in bay area. Would like to share my experience and advises to the community.

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