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Aisha Blake

Senior Software Engineer at Gatsby

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Pedagogy in Pairing

Talk Abstract

Effective pair programming between team members of varying levels of experience spreads knowledge and increases the potential productivity of any team. While we may recognize the value of nurturing our early-career developers' skills in order to support the long-term health of teams, how often do we examine the methodology behind how this is done? The five Standards of Effective Pedagogy and Learning are: - joint productive activity - language development - contextualization - challenging activities - and instructional conversation In this session, we'll apply these standards to pairing and begin to cultivate the skills of a great teacher, as well as a delightful pair programming partner and excellent lead dev. By learning to impart knowledge in the absence of shame or gatekeeping, we can create environments in which everyone feels safe enough to learn and improve.

Speaker Bio

Aisha Blake is a Senior Software Engineer at Gatsby currently building < title of conf > (a musical tech conference). She also supports community by co-organizing self.conference and Detroit Speakers in Tech. A theatre kid turned tech community leader, she approaches speaking and teaching as a way to give others the tools to shine as brightly as they can. In her spare time, she sings karaoke and pets dogs. Aisha is a champion of feedback, a fierce accessibility advocate, and a steward of strong teams.

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