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Ben Felda

Product Design Manager - RF Technologies

Talk Title

The Joy of TailwindCSS

Talk Abstract

You know that satisfying feeling you get when you load that fresh new CSS framework for the first time. Add the classes from the tutorial and voila, a beautiful UI that looks just like the frameworks home page. You know what’s more satisfying, writing all the CSS from scratch. You have full control, and get to play with the standard styling your favorite browser provides. But that can be a menacing decision when starting a project that you know will be complex, and touched by many devs, some that hate CSS :( Enter TailwindCSS, a utility framework that gives you the freedom to use your CSS chops to create your designs, while providing a low barrier of entry for the whole team. This talk will introduce you to TailwindCSS, what makes it so efficient to use, and how to craft your own shareable components. For the CSS guru’s and non, TailwindCSS is fun to learn so don’t miss out on this jump start!

Speaker Bio

Ben Felda is a Product Design Manager leading efforts in product ownership, UX Design, and testing. Ben enjoys, and has spent most of his career in healthcare creating experiences for healthcare workers. Ben's mantra is that the user needs to be able to simply walk up and use it. No manuals, no learning, just perform a task and get back to saving lives. Ben has guided companies to adopt this mindset in design and understand how important focus on UX is in healthcare.

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