Our Incredible Speakers

Kate Revitte profile
Kate Revitte
Accessibility is Easy: Practical Techniques for Accessible Web Applications
Senthil Ramachandran profile
Senthil Ramachandran
Beyond Create React App: Reusable and Extensible Build System For React
Dustin Ewers profile
Dustin Ewers
Building Screaming Fast Websites on the Cheap Using Gatsby.js
Karl Hughes profile
Karl Hughes
Building Your First Javascript Application with Docker
Michael Leners profile
Michael Leners
Cypress for E2E Testing: A Retrospective
Jenna Pederson profile
Jenna Pederson
Does Your Codebase Spark Joy?
Julie Xiong profile
Julie Xiong
Empowering UX with Web Components
Patrick O'Brien profile
Patrick O'Brien
Empowering UX with Web Components
Ante Grgić profile
Ante Grgić
Expert Angular Performance Tuning
Chao Zhang profile
Chao Zhang
FE Engineering + AL/ML Capabilities
David Pine profile
David Pine
Hurdling Impediments: A Developer's Guide To Growth
Kito Mann profile
Kito Mann
Micro Frontends: Breaking up the Frontend Monolith
Max Lynch profile
Max Lynch
Opening Keynote
Aisha Blake profile
Aisha Blake
Pedagogy in Pairing
Alain Chautard profile
Alain Chautard
Progressive Web Apps are the future
Joseph Rex profile
Joseph Rex
Stealing and preserving your users attention
Ben Felda profile
Ben Felda
The Joy of TailwindCSS
Martine Dowden profile
Martine Dowden
Type-setting in CSS: Using typography to enhance your design
Cortney Thomas profile
Cortney Thomas
UI design by front-end devs
Lyzzi Brooks profile
Lyzzi Brooks
UI design by front-end devs
Devlin Duldulao profile
Devlin Duldulao
Vue 3 Essentials
Pearl Latteier profile
Pearl Latteier

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